DDoS Mitigation

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Connect with a senior member of the JSI team today to discover how our SmartAdvantage℠ DDoS Mitigation subscription service can provide you with the resources you need to successfully contend with an ever-increasing number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

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Essential Solutions for DDoS Attacks:

With JSI’s DDoS Mitigation service, you and your company will receive access to a range of critical tools and resources to help you successfully handle DDoS attacks:


  • Resources to monitor ISP traffic, including all upstream provider connections, for attacks before they reach the edge network.
  • Robust mitigation solutions, which begin as soon as an attack is detected, either by terminating traffic to the targeted subscriber or filtering out attack traffic.
  • The ability to filter out, or scrub, harmful DDoS traffic and pass on only legitimate subscriber traffic.
  • Real-time or historical bandwidth graphing of when attacks occurred and targets for each of your IPs, subnets, or whole network.


DDoS Mitigation’s Core Features:

Our DDoS Mitigation service’s core features include the following:


  • An automated, cloud-based solution. 
  • Automatic detection of a DDoS attack against a subscriber and mitigation of it before it can disrupt other ISP customers.
  • An interactive, web-based tool, which you can use to see bandwidth consumption for any network IP.
  • The ability to identify attacked IPs and to monitor the status of mitigation activities (only with standard and advanced plans).


DDoS Mitigation’s Bonus Features:

As an added bonus, our DDoS Mitigation solution’s standard and advanced packages come with:


  • Mitigation for an unlimited number of attacks.

  • Cloud protection.

  • Hands-off, fully automated mitigation of DDoS attacks.

  • Attack scrubbing to keep a DDoS-targeted subscriber connected to the internet throughout the attack.


Rest assured, JSI is a 60-year veteran that has worked with service providers across the United States, and we have you covered:


  • Let us demonstrate our expertise in action with a complimentary 30-day, no-obligations demo, and we will give you access to our dashboard to see attack information and bandwidth usage.

  • The JSI team would also be glad to create a customized package for your company that would fit your specific needs.

  • Additionally, with JSI’s DDoS Mitigation solution, your company will have the ability to generate incremental revenue with higher tiers of mitigation service.