DDoS Mitigation

Smart Advantage — DDoS Mitigation is a fully automated, cloud-based solution that detects a denial of service attack against a subscriber and mitigates it before can disrupt other ISP customers. Our service communicates with the ISP’s routers to detect attacks, reroutes the traffic to our cloud service when necessary, and maintains normal traffic flow to unaffected customers.

Attack Detection

Monitors ISP traffic, including all upstream provider connections, for attacks before they reach the edge network.

Auto Mitigation

Mitigation begins as soon as an attack is detected, either by terminating traffic to the targeted subscriber or filtering out attack traffic.

Traffic Scrubbing

Our advanced service filters out, or scrubs, harmful DDoS traffic and passes on only legitimate subscriber traffic.

Simple Pricing

We offer fixed, affordable pricing, not based on the amount of traffic, number of edge points, or number of subscribers.

Detailed Analytics

See real-time or historical bandwidth graphing of when attacks occurred and targets for each of your IPs, subnets, or whole network.

30-Day Free Trial

Let us monitor traffic at no cost to you for 30 days and we’ll give you access to our dashboard to see attack info, bandwidth utilization, and bandwidth usage.

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