NTIA Invites Providers to Challenge Census Blocks in BIP Applications

October 7, 2021|Categories: e-Lerts|Tags: , , , , |

JSI encourages clients to confirm their service areas are not impacted This week, the NTIA announced a preliminary list of applicants that are undergoing review in its Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP). This announcement opens a [...]

Reassigned Numbers Database Reporting Begins Oct. 15 for Small Carriers

September 29, 2021|Categories: e-Lerts|Tags: , |

Many JSI clients, specifically those carriers with less than 100,000 retail subscriber lines, should be preparing their initial upload to the new Reassigned Numbers Database (RND), which must be completed by October 15, 2021. [...]

Need Assistance Managing Copyright Infringement Notices?

September 23, 2021|Categories: e-Lerts|Tags: , |

JSI knows some companies no longer manage copyright infringement notifications. Don’t be left without protection. If your current provider is withdrawing support or you have not already protected yourself from this copyright liability, JSI [...]

Restrictions Begin Sept. 28 for Carriers without Robocall Mitigation Certifications

September 20, 2021|Categories: e-Lerts|Tags: , , |

Beginning September 28, 2021, voice service providers and intermediate providers are prohibited from accepting traffic directly from any other provider that is not listed in the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD). All voice service [...]

Clients Encouraged to Contact Local Governments About Broadband Funds

August 10, 2021|Categories: e-Lerts|Tags: , , , |

Window for funding requests is short so don’t delay Broadband providers across the nation should be contacting their Non-Entitlement Units of Local Government (NEUs) – local governments serving populations of less than 50,000 – to [...]

Don’t Forget to Update Your Number Portability Procedures

August 3, 2021|Categories: e-Lerts|Tags: , |

Number portability has lost its headliner status recently to robocall prevention, but it cannot be forgotten entirely. New FCC-authorized iVoIPs and competitors are entering rural LEC territories and your company will likely have to port [...]

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