JSI has assisted more companies transition to A-CAM than any other industry firm.
JSI can assist you with mapping, new and ongoing regulatory requirements, tariff development, evaluating both NECA pooling and incentive regulation, and comprehensive forecasting and strategic planning. It has never been more critical for your company to receive the best consulting services – choose JSI, the industry’s best for nearly 60 years.
BDS Incentive Regulation – Yes or No?

A big benefit of electing A-CAM is the ability to switch to incentive regulation for interstate business data services in 2020. JSI can run the numbers and provide possible scenarios to help guide your decision-making process. If you decide to move to incentive regulation, JSI has a roadmap for de-tariffing and developing the proper contracts outlining your rates, terms, and conditions. 

And until you do switch to incentive regulation for BDS (or if you ultimately decide not to), JSI also can quickly and efficiently complete any cost separations studies needed to ensure that you continue to properly collect settlements on those services.


For more information on A-CAM and BDS incentive regulation, contact

Brian Sullivan in Maryland at bsullivan@jsitel.com or 301-459-7590

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