Numbering Management

JSI offers an array of code management resources to assist your company with the proper routing of traffic to your switch, to improve the essential billing of calls in your network and to monitor the competition in your area. Your company will benefit from our years of experience with these industry reporting requirements, allowing you to be confident that your network details will be fully addressed and that your company is meeting all FCC number reporting obligations. Our Numbering Services include:

  • Porting of numbers within the NPAC;
  • Obtaining NPA-NXX codes and thousands-block assignments from NANPA and the Pooling Administrator;
  • Providing Pooled Block Contamination Reports;
  • Updating the BIRRDS database with routing and rating information for the LERG;
  • Providing comprehensive lists of all current numbering assignments by such criteria as Rate Center, LATA and NPA;
  • Obtaining OCN, CLLI, IAC, RAO and other company identifying codes;
  • Managing CIC code administration and filings;
  • Filing the FCC required Numbering Resource Utilization & Forecasts (NRUF) Form 502 and Mandatory Pooling Forecasts;
  • Updating NECA’s FCC Tariff 4 database for the management of billing percent and wire center records; and
  • Providing a monthly Numbering Activity Report (NAR) for monitoring all NXX/block activity in the entire NANP, searchable by a multitude of options (i.e. rate center, LATA, OCN and more).

JSI can also help guide your company to properly reflect network changes in industry databases as well as submitting proper notifications to required carriers when undergoing major network upgrades such as switch collapses or migrating to an IP network.

Contact Karen Hoffman for assistance with numbering related requests or Bridget Alexander White for CIC management. Both can be reached at 301-459-7590.


  • JSI is a proactive partner, closely attuned to the financial, technological, business and policy developments unfolding across the industry.
  • Our team regularly meets with the FCC and PUC staff on regulatory initiatives and provides expert testimony in federal and state proceedings.
  • JSI plays a prominent role in industry and association forums and champions the interests of community based independent providers as policy is debated and formed.
  • Our staff is knowledgeable, accessible and consistently receives positive feedback.
  • We give back to the industry and local communities through various charitable activities.

What Clients Say

JSI has been part of our team for 30 plus years. Their expertise and forward thinking philosophy in both regulatory matters and business opportunities have contributed greatly to the success of Hill Country Telephone Cooperative.
Delbert Wilson, General Manager
Hill Country Telephone


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