JSI is the industry leader in Cost Separations studies.

  • JSI has been performing cost separations studies since 1962 and is the recognized leader in the field.

  • We currently produce more annual cost studies than any other consulting firm and we are the largest provider of cost study data to NECA.

  • We have more than 1,000 years of collective experience in cost study preparation.
  • We work with companies of all sizes – as small as 250 access lines and as large as 125,000+ access lines.

  • We have a very large database of client results, which we can use to benchmark your studies and identify areas of potential improvement.

  • JSI understands the complexities of telephone networks and financial systems, allowing us to accurately maximize your cost study results.

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For more information on JSI’s Cost Study services, contact:

Brian Sullivan in Maryland at bsullivan@jsitel.com or 301-459-7590

Ryan Denzel in Minnesota at rdenzel@jsitel.com or 651-452-2660

Gordon Dauchy in Minnesota at gdauchy@jsitel.com or 651-452-2660

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