The Numbering Activity Report (NAR) is a comprehensive online monthly report showing all NXX and 1K block activity, plus any NPA splits and overlays.

NAR is your competition monitoring tool:

  • For ILECs, NAR provides an easy way to monitor competitors moving into your territory. By regularly searching by rate center you can see if any service provider, whether an iVoIP or traditional CLEC, has ordered numbering resources in your areas and plans to compete with you.

  • If you are looking to expand into new communities, the NAR is a useful tool to weigh the competitive market in the rate centers you’re considering because you can see where other companies are ordering numbering resources.

NAR is a network “must have”:

  • This is a vital resource for your network engineers who must program NXX changes into your switches to allow customers to complete calls (and head off customers’ call completion complaints).

  • The NAR provides all activity associated with NXX and 1K block assignments – new assignments, modifications to current assignments, and disconnects of former assignments.

  • It also includes all NPA splits and overlays in the entire NANP territory, again allowing your network engineers to correctly program your switches.

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Easy to use:

  • JSI’s report is an affordable, convenient and easy-to-use option rather than subscribing to the LERG™ or searching through the NANPA or the Pooling Administrator’s websites for the same information.

  • NAR is fully searchable by all fields, including NPA, state, LATA, rate center, and switch. You can export the full report, or a portion of the report, as an Excel, HTML, CSV or Text file too.

  • And as an added bonus, you have access to our archived reports, which allow you to search past updates.

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