Give Your Company a Fighting Chance in
This Year’s Retransmission Negotiations

Your video/cable TV operation likely runs on the thinnest of margins, so this year’s retransmission consent renewals have the potential to upend your revenue stream. Once again, we anticipate broadcasters will demand outrageous retransmission fee increases – possibly a 100% jump or MORE. We’re already seeing broadcasters tying additional multicast channels to their “Big Four” channels, which mean higher costs to you.

Negotiations with broadcast stations already have begun in some markets and we expect the rest to begin in early October. You only have until year’s end to negotiate the best prices possible for the coming 2-3 years.  Now is the time to get started.  JSI is ready to assist you:

    • Prepare for the contentious negotiation process

    • Negotiate agreements with all broadcasters

    • Negotiate digital distribution rights

    • Highlight cost obstacles, including increased facility and capacity expenses

    • Update your company’s channel line-ups based on the new agreements

    • Plan to offer alternative OTT video platforms, and

    • Communicate price increases or channel changes to customers

JSI works with individual companies and, when broadcasters allow, groups of companies to negotiate these agreements.

If you would like assistance with this year’s retransmission negotiation process, please contact JSI’s retransmission expert Terri Parrilla at 301-459-7590 or by clicking the button below.