All telecom companies, including Internet service providers (ISPs), must step up their efforts to safeguard customers’ information now that the FCC has made this one of its priorities in 2015. Although it didn’t provide concrete details in either the March 2015 Open Internet Order and last month’s Lifeline Order and NPRM, the theme of protecting consumers’ “proprietary information” was clearly evident in both. Already the FCC is taking action against companies that it believes have failed to protect customer information, resulting in multi-million dollar settlements with the companies.

The combination of potential enforcement action and unclear guidance requires companies to be proactive. JSI held a webinar to discuss various privacy requirements:

  • The Open Internet Order’s application of CPNI rules and Section 222 on ISPs
  • Impact of recent settlements due to customer privacy breaches
  • FCC’s enforcement advisory on CPNI
  • Pending Lifeline recordkeeping changes
  • Reasonable steps telecom providers of all types should take to protect consumer information

A recording of the webinar is available for $249. To request a copy of the recording, contact Brenda Cordwell. For more information about consumer protection, contact Tanea Foglia. Both can be reached in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590.