Preparations are well underway for our 2020 Management Seminars. We’ll be returning to our traditional locations – San Antonio, Minneapolis and Atlanta – in May. You can expect sessions from our experts on the latest FCC actions and how they’ll impact you, financial and strategic initiatives critical to your company’s future, management principles to improve your operations, and technical advice to maximize your network and services. We hope you’ll make time in your busy schedule to join us for one of these information-packed seminars.

May 4 & 5 ‒ San Antonio; May 7 & 8 ‒ Minneapolis; May 14 & 15 ‒ Atlanta

More Information Coming Soon!

Registration will open in January 2020. We’ll provide details about the agenda, cost, hotels, and CPE credits at that time. If you have any questions before the announcement, you can contact Leah Yoakum at 301-459-7590.