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JSI's NOC+ service proved invaluable to our business when we experienced a major broadband network outage. JSI's network engineers quickly engaged our equipment vendor and worked through the night to identify a previously undocumented behavior and develop a workaround that brought all of our customers back online. That outage could have lasted longer and been significantly costlier to us without JSI's help, so we are grateful to have them on our team – both then and now.

Patrick Sherrill


General Manager, Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

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Do You Ever Wish That You Had  a Bigger Network Team?

JSI’s NOC+ service features both a dedicated network operations center (NOC) team and an escalation path, which includes multiple mid- and senior-level network engineers. Additionally, high-impact issues are quickly escalated to Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs).

JSI’s NOC+ team is based in Lubbock, Texas, and works alongside our Broadband Network Engineering team and our Systems Integration team. Moreover, NOC+ supports a wide range of fiber and wireless broadband technologies.


How Long Does It Take to Get Help for Network Issues and Outages?

NOC+ is always a phone call away.

JSI’s NOC+ team believes that if the problem is important enough for your team to be engaged, then we should be, too.

Getting the help that you need at critical moments is simple with our NOC+ service. When a network issue arises, you will not need to juggle all of the urgent calls and outreach by yourself: Our NOC+ team can help you to interface with third-party vendors while you triage customer issues. With this coordinated approach, you and your customers can find a faster resolution.


Does Your Team Struggle to Keep the Latest Software Running on Your Network?

Keeping your network up-to-date makes things easier for everyone.

Vendor support teams often prefer up-to-date software. Keeping your network current leads to smoother support, and it ensures that the latest security patches are in place. However, scheduling maintenance windows and managing update processes takes time and energy away from your team’s daily workload.

Let our NOC+ team help you with this critical, albeit time-consuming, task so that you and your team can get a good night’s rest.


Does Your Network-Management System (NMS) Show You What You Really Need to Know?

Standard NMS products lack the required customizations to gather all of the necessary data within a specific broadband service provider’s network; and most vendors’ element-management system (EMS) products are limited to seeing just one part of a network, which means that they cannot provide you with all of the information that you need in just one view.

By contrast, with our ongoing customization work, JSI’s NOC+ network monitoring system focuses specifically on service providers’ network needs and gives our NOC+ team immediate access to actionable information about your network infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.


Are You Trapped Fighting Fires Every Day?

Things are always happening in a broadband network. However, it is not always easy to tell which issues are important and which can wait. With the NOC+ team, you can increase the amount of work you can accomplish in the day.

Let the JSI NOC+ team back up your technicians so that you can spend more time and energy on new customers and installations each day. If your operations team is busy, JSI NOC+ can pick up the phone to provide immediate assistance.


Do You Have a Safe Place to Store All of the Information That You Need to Keep Your Network Running Smoothly?

JSI’s NOC+ service includes IP address management software as well as encrypted password storage for critical infrastructure, which means that you can rest easy knowing that the essential keys that you need to keep your network running smoothly are safe. NOC+ works to proactively gather and update the required information to keep the network running. Access to NOC+ resources is secured through multi-factor authentication (MFA) and a convenient single-sign-on (SSO) system.