All service providers will face a cavalcade of new numbering, robocall mitigation, and porting requirements in 2021. Sign up for the Numbering & Porting Essentials for $799 annually to keep your staff up to date on the latest news and details of any new requirements. 

The Numbering & Porting Essentials subscription includes:

  • Series of web-based education sessions – Six sessions that focus on numbering and porting requirements your company must meet in 2021 leading into major 2022 deadlines, as well as a refresher on porting rules requirements. The education sessions will include:
    • 988 & ten-digit dialing milestones
    • Ten-digit dialing required NANPA reporting
    • Reassigned Numbers Database requirements
    • Robocall Mitigation Program (RMP) certification
    • Number Portability Refresher
    • Robocall Relief Education for staff & customers
  • A FREE Numbering & Porting webinar to educate your staff on new industry rules and regulations that will impact your company and customers.
  • N&P Headlines – Email notices highlighting timely numbering and porting news and service-impacting decisions when they occur.
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