JSI’s Numbering & Porting Services

We provide several key numbering and porting related services that will keep your networks running smoothly and your customers’ calls connecting efficiently.

Our number porting service provides an effective and cost efficient way for clients to port their telephone numbers in the NPAC. Clients are able to submit and monitor port requests and track the status of TN processing, all through our online portal.

Our “Numbering & Porting Essentials” bundle includes breaking news alerts, a free webinar and five web-based education sessions designed to keep companies informed about important numbering, porting and robocall mitigation decisions that will impact their internal operations and customers.

The Numbering Activity Report (NAR) is a comprehensive online monthly report showing all NXX and 1K block activity, plus any NPA splits and overlays. Keep informed of new NXX assignments to be added to your network and monitor your rate centers for competitors coming into your area.

JSI also offers an array of numbering management resources to assist your company to obtain and maintain essential codes and numbers, to properly route traffic to your switch, and to improve the essential billing of calls in your network.

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