See how you align with similar companies to better judge your own company’s performance.

JSI’s Smart Advantage – Peer Group Study provides a benchmark of your financial, customer and operational metrics to over 150 of your peers. You’ll be able to compare your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs), including your balance sheet, expenses, ARPU, and penetration rates, to those of companies of similar size to see where you’re exceeding or falling behind others in the industry.

Data is presented in an easy-to-consume graphical interface that quickly identifies outliers and areas of your operation that are ripe for improvement. Sign up to become part of JSI’s Peer Group Study and gain a conscious awareness of your KPIs and trends in the industry so that you can take action.

Executive Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your prime business functions’ performance coupled with the ability to drill deeper.

Balance Sheet and Income Statement

This service includes a separate and full balance sheet and income statement comparison.


Our solution is easily accessible through a stand-alone app that is easy to use and requires no lengthy installation.

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