Webinar: E-Rate Modernization

As students swarm back into classrooms, school administrators and service providers alike are working to get their arms around the first of what may become many FCC E-rate modernization orders. With its initial Order, the FCC shifts E-rate dollars from traditional telephone services to high-speed Internet connections that not only reach the school or library buildings, but extend broadband access to each device inside of those buildings. Immediate program reforms may mean schools will be looking for new services from you and will definitely mean processes will change for you and your E-rate customers. During this E-rate transition, it is more important than ever for your staff to understand the program’s rules and regulations so that your company is positioned to win E-rate business, plus avoid regulatory scrutiny and FCC-promised enforcement activities.

To help companies better compete in this new era of E-rate, JSI held a webinar covering what’s new with the program, plus:

  • The catalyst for changes
  • Changes for schools and libraries
  • Changes for service providers
  • Ways clients can capture their local E-rate dollars

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