Webinar: Next Steps Down the A-CAM Path

Free Webinar to Provide Additional Guidance on the Revised A-CAM Offer

Just before Christmas, the FCC released its revised A-CAM offers for those carriers that initially elected model support by the November 1 deadline (see our December 22 e-Lert for details). “Glidepath adopters” are locked into the A-CAM at the original offer, however the remaining non-glidepath model electors carriers have until January 19, 2017, to decide whether or not to accept the revised offer. In addition to making this decision, all carriers electing A-CAM have several options and next steps that they should consider.

To better explain these options and next steps and answer any questions, JSI held a FREE webinar on January 12 for all A-CAM adopters. Our experts reviewed the pros and cons of electing A-CAM in light of the revised offers of support and provided additional guidance for clients that have yet to make this critical decision. We also covered decisions that A-CAM adopters must make, such as whether or not to tariff the Subscriber Line Charge (SLC) and whether to offer DSL on a retail basis to avoid having to pay the Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC). We also discussed the requirements to submit geocoded data on all locations which were “newly served” in 2016.

JSI also has developed a template for those electing the A-CAM revised offer to use when submitting their letters to the FCC. The webinar went over our recommendations for properly filing the letter with the FCC as well.

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