Webinar: Change is Afoot — Implementing the USF Reform Order

JSI’s webinar provided details on USF changes, including important considerations to keep in mind as you decide between A-CAM and modified RoR  

Although the FCC released the USF Reform Order nearly five months ago, so far we’ve only seen a few of the major changes in action. But now major changes are underway with the release of the A-CAM Public Notice and the upcoming September 1 implementation date for budget controls. In order to help clients prepare for these new developments and other upcoming reforms, JSI recently hosted a webinar, “Change is Afoot – Implementing the USF Reform Order.”

For those interested in the A-CAM, we provided an analysis of the release of the model’s final version including:

  • a review of the FCC’s challenge process decision;
  • buildout and reporting obligations, including what constitutes a “location”; and
  • factors companies should consider if they are interested in electing A-CAM, even if their support under the model would be less than their current support.

We also shared what we learned during ex parte meetings with FCC staff and what we have discovered in assisting companies that receive other forms of model-based CAF funding that might also apply to A-CAM funding.

For those companies considering sticking with a modified rate of return, we discussed:

  • upcoming changes in terms of a possible timeline;
  • ways that companies can prepare for the competitive challenge process;
  • options for disaggregation; and
  • buildout and reporting obligations.

We’ll also provided an overview of the analysis JSI can perform for clients showing the potential impacts of the reforms over the next 10 years.

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