Webinar: Data Defense, Part II – Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Preparation

Learn how to meet the FCC’s new broadband security risk assessment requirement

Although many of the rules in the FCC’s October 2016 Broadband Privacy Order will not be applicable for small ISPs until later down the road – or at all, depending on how the rules hold up against the incoming administration – one requirement has an upcoming deadline. By March 2, 2017, all telecom providers and ISPs, including those of JSI clients, must implement “reasonable” data security measures to protect customer information. The FCC suggested providers use the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) framework as part of their overall data security risk management.

Recently experts from JSI, as well as NTCA’s cybersecurity risk assessment guru Jesse Ward, held a special webinar guiding clients through what is involved in implementing data security measures that comply with the FCC’s requirement, plus the tools and processes companies can use to conduct their data security risk assessment.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Details of the risk assessment requirement that must be completed by March 2
  • Roles of directors, managers, and other key personnel in the data security risk assessment process
  • Features of NTCA’s cybersecurity tool
  • Benefits of following the NIST framework
  • Managing the costs of data security
  • Maintaining an ongoing risk assessment strategy
  • Changes coming to the FCC and how the broadband privacy rules might fare under a new chairman and commissioners

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