Webinar: Data Defense – Protecting Your Broadband Customers’ Privacy

Join us for a preview of the FCC’s revised rules to protect customer data

The FCC has long required telecom providers to protect their voice customers’ proprietary information. Now that broadband has become nearly ubiquitous and used to transmit customers’ financial, health, location, and other private information, the Commission plans to implement similar rules for broadband providers before the end of this year. The FCC’s new privacy rules seek to empower consumers to protect their data and enforce the broadband provider’s responsibility to protect private customer information.

To prepare, companies should begin looking at the rules already in place, as well as look ahead at what they may need to change to comply with the new rules for broadband customer privacy. Preparing now could help you avoid costly FCC enforcement actions later.

JSI recently hosted a webinar to provide an overview of the FCC proposal to create customer privacy rules that apply to broadband. During this initial webinar, our experts provided an overview of the existing privacy rules, as well as reviewed the FCC’s proposed rules, including:

  • Three foundations of privacy
  • Key terms in the broadband context
  • Customer approval requirements for use and disclosure of customer information
  • Use and disclosure of aggregate proprietary information
  • Privacy notice requirements
  • Protecting customer proprietary Information
  • Data breach notification requirements
  • Practices implicating privacy that may be prohibited
  • Dispute resolution

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