Free Webinar: Expanding Your Services & Footprint Through FTTP and Reverse Auction Opportunities

Free webinar to help kick-start your broadband expansion strategy

All service providers that rely on Universal Service now find themselves re-evaluating their strategic plans to look for ways to replace that support-based revenue with customer-sourced income. For many companies the logical answer is to broaden their service footprint by bringing fiber-based broadband solutions to neighboring underserved markets. The timing may be optimal for pushing out those boundaries as the FCC prepares to launch its Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II reverse auction for $250 million in annual support. This CAF Phase II funding could enhance the business case for market expansion and make it more feasible for ILECs to pursue these unserved areas.

We invite you to request a copy of a recent webinar to explore specific market-proven strategies, best practices, and critical tools required to effectively evaluate, and if appropriate, execute a fiber-based, out-of-area expansion strategy. This FREE session covers:

  • The importance of replacing support revenues with customer-sourced revenue streams;
  • Critical out-of-area FTTP tactics and best practices;
  • Market segmentation strategies to minimize capital risk;
  • How available system tools and process automation enhance deployment effectiveness and return on investment (ROI); and
  • Potential opportunities presented by FCC’s CAF Phase II reverse auction, including identifying available support, discussing the preliminary auction framework, and providing important preparation considerations and potential strategies.

More than 140 municipalities, a growing number electric companies, and a range of entrepreneurial entities are rushing to deploy fiber in order to exploit the opportunities in America’s underserved communities. Fiber deployment is increasingly turning into a land grab, and this webinar provides actionable and practical approaches to examining, and if appropriate, pursuing out-of-area opportunities before it’s too late.

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