Webinar: Hot Topics in Numbering & Porting

Our latest webinar on how the FCC’s recent ruling & proposals will affect your company

Customers have long been asking why they can’t port their telephone numbers to a neighboring rate center or state. Why their calls are not connecting once their numbers are ported to another service provider. How on earth their number was ported without their authorization. And why they repeatedly receive robocalls during all hours of the day and night.

The industry has discussed these issues over the years and each suffered the same fate – neglect – until now. The FCC is finally getting involved and forcing the industry’s hand to find resolutions to these problems and more. The FCC has issued three major proposals over the last six months with the goal of promoting competition and providing broader service provider options for consumers, protecting customer account information and services, and mitigating annoying and unlawful robocalls and Caller ID spoofing.

JSI’s numbering and porting expert, Bridget Alexander, explored how the FCC’s robocall ruling and other proposals will impact your company’s current and future porting and numbering procedures during a recent webinar. She also talked about:

  • The FCC’s recent ruling which allows service providers to block calls from unassigned, invalid and unallocated numbers
  • Phased implementation of nationwide number portability
  • FCC proposals aimed at mitigating unauthorized carrier changes and related charges
  • A telephone number reassignment database being considered as part of the effort to reduce unwanted robocalls

She also discussed the latest news about the NPAC transition, how companies would be affected if the iconectiv NPAC crashes and the NPAC reverts to Neustar, and the FCC’s “reinvention” of the North American Numbering Council (NANC).

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