Webinar: Navigating the New Lifeline Frontier

Learn how to comply with big changes coming to the federal Lifeline program

The FCC’s recent Lifeline Modernization Order now has focused the program squarely on providing support for broadband service to low-income consumers, moving it away from its traditional voice-only support. As the transition begins, there are many new changes taking effect towards the end of 2016, which all eligible telecom carriers will need to be aware of and respond to in order to remain compliant. In advance of the rules becoming effective December 1 (or 60 days after OMB approval), JSI recently hosted a webinar to break down the changes, along with the steps necessary to comply with the new rules.

During the webinar, JSI’s Lifeline team discussed:

  • Overview of major changes to Lifeline
  • Minimum service standards for Lifeline broadband
  • Tariff revisions
  • Updated advertising
  • Updated forms
  • New recertification process

Lifeline has become a hot button issue at the FCC thanks to reports of waste, fraud and abuse, so carriers should expect greater scrutiny in the coming years. Don’t put your company at risk of a costly USAC audit or FCC enforcement action.

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