Webinar: Are You Ready for Some “CBOL”?

There’s a new playbook for winning in today’s broadband market

More and more customers have been clamoring for stand-alone broadband, but providers just couldn’t make the numbers add up until this year. The FCC’s recent actions and the advent of A-CAM have opened potential new paths for RLECs to offer broadband to their end users without the need for wireline telephone service. CBOL, or Consumer Broadband-Only Loops, and a new “retail” variation are the latest options carriers should consider as they balance giving customers the services they desire with keeping their own bottom lines healthy.

On a recent webinar,  we reviewed each of the broadband service options available to RLECs, including tariffed and de-tariffed services, plus provided tips on how to determine which might be right for your company and your customers. Our 90-minute webinar covered:

  • Details of CBOL, including revenue requirement development and potential USF support;
  • Pros and cons of offering “retail” broadband services for both A-CAM and Legacy carriers;
  • Considerations for CBOL tariff options and strategies;
  • Any intercompany charges, accounting issues, and NECA settlement treatments of the new offerings;
  • Application of the FCC’s Budget Control Mechanism to CBOL services and voice-based USF support;
  • How RLECs can analyze and decide if CBOL is a feasible option for their companies; and
  • Possible future effects of pending or potential FCC actions.

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