We are excited to welcome everyone back to in-person trainings with our Financial Seminars this fall in Nashville! Begin making plans now for your key accounting and financial staff to attend these two seminars. Our one-day Part 32 & Part 64 Accounting Seminar will be Tuesday, September 28. Then we hope you’ll stay for our Separations & Access Seminar which runs Wednesday, September 29 – Friday, October 1. And as always, you’ll be eligible for CPE credits for both seminars.

Our Accounting Seminar provides a detailed review and explanation of the FCC’s Part 32 and Part 64 accounting principles and applications. Brian Sullivan and Ryan Denzel will once again discuss the FCC’s latest accounting procedures, including the “allowable” expenses for USF and NECA purposes, plus its increased regulatory scrutiny of the Part 64 allocation mechanisms.

The Separations & Access Seminar again will focus on how cost settlements, regulated and non-regulated allocations, jurisdictional categorizations, access procedures, and intercarrier compensation affect today’s broadband-centric network. Brian and Ryan will discuss the Universal Service funding mechanisms; data reporting and compliance; special access/BDS issues; using operational and financial data to manage for success; and federal and state grants and loans issues and opportunities.

Watch for More Information Soon!

Right now, block off September 28-October 1 on your calendar and look for a registration announcement in a few weeks. If you have any questions before registration opens, you can contact Leah Yoakum at 301-459-7590.