A crisp collation of your Financial, Customer and Operational metrics.

Quickly identify trends, anomalies and the critical relationships between your financial, operational and customer data. Customer count, net additions, ARPU and gross margin per connection are all included on a trailing twelve-month basis and can be viewed on a consolidated or per subsidiary basis.

The financial section comes equipped with a revenue and gross margin analysis, as well as operating expenses and a summary of your regulatory revenue. All these sections have an option to be viewed on a consolidated or per subsidiary basis, as well as on a versus budget or prior year comparison.

The operational portion of the Business Analytics Platform displays various operation metrics such as truck rolls, calls handled, headcount and others based on your provided data. The data is displayed on a trailing twelve-month basis.

The Business Analytics Platform includes a Peer Group Analysis which compares your various metrics and ratios to companies in your peer group.

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