An in-depth look at the FCC’s USF Reform Order

The FCC’s recent Order reforming universal service for rate-of-return carriers (RLECs) sets in motion a number of monumental changes for JSI’s clients. JSI recently held a free webinar to cover the details of this potentially game-changing USF Reform Order.

JSI’s experts dug deep into the 200+ page Order on the webinar and helped guide clients toward making the right decisions for your company, particularly the A-CAM versus modified rate-of-return choice everyone will be making in the coming months. The Order includes more than the A-CAM decision and the 90-minute webinar covered these other issues as well, plus questions from attendees:

  • Standalone broadband support mechanism
  • Modernization and reform of ICLS to CAF-BLS
  • New operating and capital expense limitations
  • Build-out obligations for all rate-of-return carriers
  • Competitive overlap and the challenge process
  • Options for disaggregation
  • Modifications and proposed changes to the ETC Annual Report
  • Future reporting of geocoded locations
  • Rate-of-return represcription and phase-down
  • Proposed rules on expense levels and categories

A recording of the webinar is available. If you’d like a copy of the recording, please contact Brenda Cordwell at 301-459-7590.

For more information about the USF Reform Order, contact Brian SullivanJohn Kuykendall, or Steve Meltzer in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590, or Douglas Meredith in our Utah office at 801-294-4576.

Learn More About USF Reform at the 2016 Management Seminars

We will break down and provide even more in-depth analysis of the FCC’s latest USF Reform Order during the 2016 Management Seminars. Plus we’ll discuss strategies companies should consider in light of the changes. Plan to attend one of these important seminars:

May 5-6 Bloomington, Minn.

May 12-13  Atlanta, Ga.

May 23-24  San Antonio, Texas