As your business evolves, you need to continuously evaluate all available options, including your participation in NECA’s pools. Regularly weighing the pros and cons of NECA pooling will ensure that you are maximizing your revenue opportunities. As we approach the annual March 1 deadline to join or exit any of NECA’s various pools, now is the time to look at the pooling process, the options you have available, and whether or not your company should consider a change in the coming weeks.

JSI Vice President Brian Sullivan recently hosted an in-depth webinar on NECA pooling and what to consider as you evaluate your current pooling situation. Brian used the webinar to:

  • Review the pooling process and how NECA determines the rates charged within the pool structure;
  • Explain the options available to current pool members, as well as to non-members that may wish to re-enter a pool;
  • Consider the pros and cons of participating in the NECA pools and those of exiting the pools;
  • Outline the options available that may reduce or eliminate the need to exit NECA pools;
  • Discuss the specific options available to Average Schedule Companies; and
  • Describe the opportunities available to companies that decide to exit the NECA pools.

Purchase Recording

Sorry, you missed this webinar! But, a recording of this webinar is available for $249. If you would like to purchase the recording, please contact Jessica Wick or Brenda Cordwell in the Maryland office at 301-459-7590.