With the FCC planning to finalize the procedures for the $16 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auction in early June, now is the time for companies to learn as much as they can about the auction in order to plan their strategies. Once the FCC votes on the reverse auction’s procedures, there will be only a few weeks to prepare for the short-form application window, which is scheduled to open on July 1.

JSI recently hosted a webinar which covered these areas in-depth to help you prepare for this fall’s auction:

  • Auction methodology
  • Bidding rules and strategies
  • Determining your lowest bid
  • Updating eligibility maps based on the challenges filed with the FCC
  • Options for bidding as a consortium or as a standalone entity
  • Short-form application requirements
  • Technical and financial sections to be working on now

A recording of the webinar is available for $249. Contact Brenda Cordwell in the Maryland office at 240-556-1295 if you’d like to purchase the recording of this webinar. For help with the RDOF auction, please reach out to Cassandra Heyne or John Kuykendall at 301-459-7590.