Increase your odds of receiving a ReConnect program grant or loan

USDA’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) is about to kick off the federal government’s latest program to help companies pay for building broadband in unserved rural areas that lack 10/1 Mbps. The Rural eConnectivity Pilot Program, or ReConnect, will begin accepting applications for $600M in grants and loans this spring.

To help clients evaluate if their areas are eligible and how to apply, JSI recently hosted a webinar discussing:

  • Program requirements for grant, grant/loan, and loan funding
  • How to determine eligible areas
  • Who should apply
  • RUS’s scoring criteria
  • What we know so far about the application
  • Deadlines for the three funding options
  • Impact of government shutdown
  • Strategies for success

Because of the program’s complexity, we also be reviewed different scenarios as examples for each of the three funding options, which will help you determine an eligible area and gather information for a possible application.

A recording of the webinar is available for $249. If you are interesting in purchasing the recording, please contact Brenda Cordwell at 301-459-7590.