Affordable Connectivity Program

JSI’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Compliance Package

Our team would welcome the opportunity to help you successfully navigate the FCC’s complex ACP rules.

Some service providers do not fully appreciate the significant differences between the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program and the ACP, and your complete understanding of and adherence to the ACP rules could be the difference between compliance and a lengthy FCC investigation.

Rest assured: JSI’s ACP Compliance Package provides companies with a range of options, which you can tailor to meet your specific needs and, in the process, provide yourself with some much-needed peace of mind.

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JSI’s ACP Compliance Package includes:

  • A  compliance checklist
  • An initial enrollment consent and disclosures form, which the FCC requires ACP providers to obtain from consumers before enrolling them in the program. 
  • Customer communications templates, including notices, advertisements, and assistance with public awareness campaigns, as requested.  
  • Full ACP Compliance Manual, which contains a complete summary of the ACP program requirements.  
  • ACP Overview Training, a one-hour live virtual training with slides and recording, which outlines the program, including the administrative requirements and the process from customer interest to claims.  
  • ACP Systems Training, a one-hour live virtual training with slides and recording, which provides a detailed walkthrough of the required systems.  
  • Advise on preparing the Company’s Annual ACP Certification.   
  • Three JSI-hosted Q&A sessions, which will cover commonly asked questions, best practices, Broadband Label requirements, and the new data collection requirements.