Broadband Funding: Accelerate Your Connectivity

Broadband Funding: Accelerate Your Connectivity

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Grant & Loan Services

The surge of federal and state funding opportunities in the broadband industry from BEAD, ReConnect, ARPA, Capital Projects, and numerous others has created a wave of competition and complex decisions that providers must navigate.

JSI has a complete suite of solutions to assist you in the entire funding process from assessing the right opportunity to completing the project.

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Opportunity Assessment 

Are you ready to apply for a grant? Let JSI find the right opportunities for your company. 

Our team of experts will provide essential insight leveraging company data and forecasting models to help you make the best decisions for your business including:

    •   Assessment of Competitive Landscape 
    •   Location Specific Data 
    •   FCC Sourced Broadband Availability Data 
    •   Business Survey
    •   Broadband Demand Aggregation Toolset


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Grant Applications 

Now that you know what grant you are applying for, where do you begin the application process?

JSI has successfully secured $885M of grant dollars for our clients. Work with our team of experts to navigate the complex application process. Our services include:

    •   State and Federal Funding Applications
    •   Mapping Funding Areas
    •   Financial Analysis and Preparation
    •   Outside Plant (OSP) Engineering Design and Costs
    •   Inside Plant (ISP) Network engineering and Costs
    •   Environmental Assessments 

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Grant Compliance

Congratulations, you have now secured your broadband funding. Don’t jeopardize your award. Ensure your company remains in compliance.

Our range of post award services will help you stay knowledgeable and compliant throughout your post award performance period. 

   •   Develop Policies, Procedures, and Internal Controls
   •   Report Financial Data and Project Accomplishments
   •   Award Compliance Management
   •   Award Close-Out
   •   Track All Requirements in Our TrackNow Portal  

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Building out your network can get complicated fast. JSI’s engineers can help you through all phases of your fiber network design and implementation.

With our Intelli-Fiber platform you will have visibility and end-to-end execution throughout your entire project. Our services include:

   •   Network Planning
   •   Design & Engineering
   •   Project Management
   •   Permitting & Environmental


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