Tasos Tsolakis
Tasos TsolakisChief Executive Officer
Dan Freiman
Dan FreimanChief Financial Officer
Patrick Gault
Patrick GaultChief Growth Officer
Steve Meltzer
Steve MeltzerPresident
Vance Gadd
Vance GaddSenior Vice President of Fiber Network Design and Implementation
Tom Lewis
Tom LewisSenior Vice President of Broadband IP Network Design and Management
Morgan Ray
Morgan RayVice President of Strategic Initiatives and Integration
Doris D'Hue
Doris D'HueVice President of Human Resources
Dennis Wisdom
Dennis WisdomInnovation Leader for Broadband Network Services
Manny Staurulakis
Manny StaurulakisCo-Chairman
Leo Staurulakis
Leo StaurulakisCo-Chairman

About JSI

JSI is a full-service consulting firm, providing financial, engineering, management, regulatory, operational, and strategic assistance to independent community-based communications providers. JSI’s business knowledge, experience and proven success help its clients plan and realize long-term success and profitability.

JSI’s mission is to provide high-quality financial, engineering, management, and regulatory services to telecommunications providers. We recognize that we serve the needs of our clients, and their interests are our top priority.

Statement of Objectives

We will continue to:

  • attract and retain knowledgeable and talented professionals who will be empowered to carry out our mission;
  • develop and expand our knowledge in all areas of our clients’ current and future business so that we offer today’s leading-edge services;
  • expand and develop our traditional client base, as well as broaden our relationships with new telecommunications providers; and
  • invest in resources and strategic business alliances that support our mission.


Sparked by his belief that community based, independent telephone companies and cooperatives deserved the right and opportunity to stand on their own financial feet, John Staurulakis resigned his position as director of settlements for the United States Independent Telephone Association to address what he saw as a basic, fundamental need.  He prepared and negotiated the first separations (cost) studies ever conducted by independent telcos. Eventually, his ideas and conviction paid off, and a more representative settlements process took root, to the benefit of community based providers across the nation.

Now nearly 60 years later, the company John Staurulakis founded serves hundreds of companies in more than 40 states – with the same degree of commitment as demonstrated to his first client.  JSI maintains its position as an unparalleled provider of financial, engineering, management, regulatory, and strategic services, ready to address any issue that affects the viability and success of independent telecom providers.

If you are interested in learning more about JSI’s history, we invite you to read our timeline.

Career Opportunities

JSI offers a steady stream of employment opportunities both for relative newcomers to an industry career path as well as seasoned telecom veterans. Explore the opportunity of working in a hard-driven, dynamic environment.

JSI is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants for all positions are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, ancestry, marital or veteran status.

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