About JSI


About JSI

Learn more about our company, connect with our team of industry veterans and thought leaders, and let us help you find success in every aspect of your business – today, tomorrow, and in the decades ahead.







Our Mission.

We leverage technology and industry-leading expertise to empower communications providers to grow profitably and deliver world-class service.

Our Vision.

At JSI, we enable our customers to bridge the digital divide and have a profoundly positive impact on the communities that they serve.

Our Values.

Our core values are quite simple:

  • We place our customers’ interests first.

  • Our team maintains exceptionally high ethical and professional standards.

  • We actively support unserved and underserved communities in the United States as part of our ongoing commitment to closing the digital divide in this country.

  • We leverage technology to innovate and to better serve our clients whenever possible.

  • We empower our employees to succeed.

Our History. 

Sparked by his belief that community based, independent telephone companies and cooperatives deserved the right and opportunity to stand on their own financial feet, John Staurulakis resigned his position as director of settlements for the United States Independent Telephone Association to address what he saw as a basic, fundamental need.

Sixty years later, the company that John Staurulakis founded serves hundreds of companies in more than 40 states with the same degree of commitment as was demonstrated to his first client. JSI maintains its position as an unparalleled provider of financial, engineering, management, regulatory, and strategic services – always prepared to address any emerging issue that might affect the viability and success of independent communications providers in the United States.

Our Team.

Tasos Tsolakis
Chief Executive Officer | Learn More >
Dan Freiman
Chief Financial Officer | Learn More >
Patrick Gault
Chief Revenue Officer | Learn More >
Michele Friedman
Chief Operating Officer
Steve Meltzer
President | Learn More >
Vance Gadd
Senior Vice President of Fiber Network Design and Implementation | Learn More >
Tom Lewis
Senior Vice President of Broadband IP Network Design and Management | Learn More >
Morgan Ray
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Integration | Learn More >
Doris D'Hue
Vice President of Human Resources | Learn More >
Dennis Wisdom
Innovation Leader for Broadband Network Services | Learn More >
Leo Staurulakis
Manny Staurulakis
Co-Chairman | Learn More >


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