JSI’s Broadband Labels Package

The FCC’s Broadband Label Requirement Is Coming. Are You Ready? 

Rest assured: With JSI’s new Broadband Labels Package, you will receive the resources and support that you need to ensure your company’s timely compliance with the FCC’s new broadband labels regulatory requirement.

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Introducing JSI’s New Broadband Labels Package

Package Overview

At this point, most broadband service providers have already heard about the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC’s) latest regulatory requirement: Broadband consumer labels. These labels, which have been modeled after the long-used “nutrition” labels for food, are meant to provide potential customers with detailed, easy-to-digest information about your services. But what information will providers need to include in these labels? Where will you need to place them?


Rest assured: With JSI’s new Broadband Labels Package, you will receive the resources and support that you need to ensure your company’s timely compliance with the FCC’s labeling requirements, including:


•  Checklist. A detailed compliance checklist.

•  Labels. Actual broadband labels.

•  Plan Identifiers. Unique plan identifiers to ensure labels are distinguishable.

•  Disability Guidance. Guidance to make labels more accessible to people with disabilities.

•  Q&A Session. A JSI-hosted question-and-answer session to ensure you have all the correct data and necessary information.


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As an Added Bonus:

Privacy Policy, Network Transparency Statement, and Document Retention Review.

If your company makes the decision to become one of JSI’s Broadband Labels Package clients, then our team will also:


•  Review and update your existing privacy policy and network transparency statement to ensure their compliance with federal regulations, as the broadband labels must include links to those policies.

•  Customize a speed and validation policy to ensure your measurements of performance and methodology attests to the data on the labels.

•  Review your document retention policy to ensure that you have procedures in place to properly retain these labels and policies.


After our team has completed its relevant review processes and collected all of the necessary information from your company, we will then distill that information down into the required label format for your company to use and share.

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Are You an E-Rate, RHC, or ACP Participant?

Special Rules May Apply

Please note that special broadband label rules may apply if your company participates in the E-Rate Program, the Rural Health Care (RHC) Program, or the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP):


•  As an E-Rate or RHC participant, you must include a broadband label with bid responses submitted during the competitive bidding process; and

•  As an ACP provider, you must disclose in the labels that you participate in the ACP and include a link in the broadband label to more detailed information about the ACP and how to qualify for the program.



JSI’s E-Rate Connect Bundle

JSI offers the E-Rate Connect Bundle to provide service providers with timely notifications concerning E-Rate bid opportunities, important program changes, when invoicing needs to be submitted to USAC, and other upcoming deadlines.


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JSI’s ACP Compliance Package

To help your companies comply with the assorted ACP rules, JSI also now offers an updated ACP Compliance Package — which provides you with a range of options that you can choose from to meet your company’s specific needs and, in the process, provide yourself with some much-needed peace of mind.


The updated package includes two (2) one-hour virtual training sessions: ACP Overview Training and ACP Systems Training. Both training sessions will be recorded for your company to use as a reference and employee resource. To learn more and connect with our team, simply click the button below.


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