JSI’s Broadband Labels Package

Broadband Labels Compliance                                       

Be prepared for the latest FCC regulatory requirement, designed to provide customers with detailed, easy to digest information about broadband internet services. 

Package Overview

Rest assured: With our Broadband Labels Package, you will receive the resources and support that you need to ensure your company’s timely compliance with the FCC’s labeling requirements, including:

  • Checklist. A detailed compliance checklist.
  • Labels. Actual broadband labels.
  • Plan Identifiers. Unique plan identifiers to ensure labels are distinguishable.
  • Disability Guidance. Guidance to make labels more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Review. Privacy Policy, Network Transparency Statement and Document Retention Review.
  • Q&A Session. A JSI-hosted question-and-answer session to ensure you have all the correct data and necessary information.


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Are You an E-Rate, RHC, or ACP Participant?

Special Rules May Apply

Please note that special broadband label rules may apply if your company participates in the E-Rate Program, the Rural Health Care (RHC) Program, or the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP):


  • As an E-Rate or RHC participant, you must include a broadband label with bid responses submitted during the competitive bidding process.
  • As an ACP provider, you must disclose in the labels that you participate in the ACP and include a link in the broadband label to more detailed information about the ACP and how to qualify for the program.



Broadband Labels are here. Are You Ready? 

Is your company a new or existing TrackNow Premium customer? If so, you will automatically receive complimentary access to our Broadband Labels Package solution. Connect with us today if you have questions or need any additional information about the benefits of the TrackNow-Broadband Labels Package combination.


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