Safe Connections Act: FCC Announces Effective Date for Line Separation Rules

Safe Connections Act: FCC Announces Effective Date for Line Separation Rules 

The Line Separation provisions under the Safe Connections Act of 2022 will help survivors separate mobile lines from accounts that include their abusers. The rules are effective July 15, 2024.

Line Separation Rules

The requirements for Mobile Service Providers – including Wireless Resellers – include but are not limited to:

  • Process a survivor’s line separation request from a shared mobile service contract under which a survivor and abuser each use a line
  • Establish a secure remote means for a survivor to submit all information required to effectuate a line separation request (accessible by survivors with disabilities)
  • Treat any information submitted by a survivor in connection with a line separation request as confidential
  • Train employees who will interact with survivors on how to assist and on the sensitive nature of the interactions
  • Make information about the line separation options and processes readily available to consumers

The line separation rules also include specific requirements around submission and processing the requests as well as prohibited payment and contractual actions by service providers.

Call Log Privacy
The compliance deadline for protecting the privacy of calls and text messages to domestic violence hotlines will be announced in a future Public Notice.

For questions about the new Line Separation Rules and the pending Call Log Privacy requirements, contact Bridget Alexander White or call 301.459.7590.


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