Outside Plant – Fiber Network Engineering

Outside Plant – Fiber Network Engineering

Network Planning | Design & Engineering | Project Management | Permitting & Environmentals


As specialists in end-to-end broadband solutions, our engineers have decades of experience transforming high-level network designs into detailed sets of plans and successfully supporting our clients through all phases of the fiber network design and implementation.

With our Intelli-Fiber platform you have access to visibility, quality, and speed throughout your entire OSP project.

  • GIS Data and Capabilities
  • End-to-end workflow from design through construction 
  • Configurable for each project’s specifications and RUS requirements 
  • Online access to maps and dashboards to monitor progress and speed issue resolution


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Fiber Network Design & Implementation

High Level Design

– Feasibility
– Grant Engineering
– Route Layout
– Route definition & fiber run lengths
– Preliminary fiber sizing
– Passings counts
– Initial Budget Estimates

Detailed Design

– Network Design
– Staking
– Fiber Size & Schematics
– Access Locations
– Detailed Tabulation
– Pole Analysis
– Final Design & Budget Estimates

Permitting & Environmentals

– Permitting
– Right-of-Way Procurement
– Environmental Review & Assessment Support


– Construction Sheets
– Plans & Specifications
– Manage bid process
– Pre-Construction Planning Meeting


– Quality Inspection
– Resident Oversight
– RUS Specifications
– Capturing Red Lines
– Billing Unit Verification
– Status Reporting & Issue Management

Project Closeout

– As-Built Documentation
– Closeout
– Client Records System updates

Say goodbye to time-consuming handoffs and handwritten plans with Intelli-Fiber.

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