Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Services

Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Services

Discover today how our premier Compliance & Regulatory Affairs team can help your company to successfully navigate the complex and seemingly ever-changing federal and state regulatory landscapes.




Our Team.

The rapid evolution of the telecommunications industry has left many communications providers facing an increasingly complex host of federal and state rules and regulations. Our team of former government officials and industry veterans is here to provide your company with the essential advice, strategies, and solutions it needs to stay ahead of these changes and remain in compliance at all times.


Our Services.

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Federal & State Reporting & Compliance
Federal & State Policy & Advocacy
Corporate Transactions
USF, Subsidy & Funding Programs
Consumer Protection
Cyber Security, Public Safety & Emergency Communications

JSI advises companies on how to comply with federal and state regulations for ILECs and CLECs, broadband service providers, VoIP providers, long-distance and wireless carriers, cable TV/video operators, electric cooperatives, and satellite providers.

JSI offers significant compliance expertise, assisting companies with federal and state regulatory reports, certifications, and applications that require detailed accounting or network information:
• 214 Notice of Discontinuance
• 214 Transfer of Control
• 254(g) Long Distance Certification
• Annual 911 Reliability Certifications
• Broadband Data Collection (BDC)
• Broadband labels
• Broadband testing
• Connect America Fund-Intercarrier Compensation (CAF-ICC)
• Central office equipment (COE) and continuing property records (CPRs)
• Copyright
• Credit card industry PCI compliance
• CPNI certification
• E-Rate reporting
• FCC licensing applications
• FCC regulatory fees
• Form 477
• Form 481
• Form 497
• Form 499A
• Form 499Q
• Form 555
• HUBB testing and report filings
• Local, state, and non-JSI tariffs
• Outage reporting
• Public inspection file
• Record retention
• Red Flag Annual Report
• Regulatory fees
• Section 255 - Accessibility
• Section 54.314 - High-Cost Use Certification
• State public service/utility commission filings
• Supply chain reporting
• Truth-in-billing
• USAC’s polygon mapping submission
• Video filings
• Wireless reporting

Additionally, if your company needs support during a compliance audit or requires assistance preparing for a potential USAC, FCC, NECA, or other regulatory audit, then JSI is here to help. With decades of experience, JSI will help your company navigate the audit and appeals process, mitigate risk, and advocate on your behalf with relevant policymakers. JSI will advocate for a public policy environment that is conducive to your company’s business goals. JSI can also advise on the following items which may appear in an audit:
• Attestation audit and attestation standards
• Performance audit and performance standards
• Internal control expectations
• Affiliate transaction rules
• Continuing property records
• Cost-allocation requirements
• Government auditing standards and AICPA compliance
• Record-retention rules
• Compliance with FCC Code of Federal Regulations Title 47
• Management assertion letter requirements

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With decades' worth of staff expertise across state public service commissions, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Executive Branch, trade associations, and communications companies, JSI helps clients stay ahead of the curve by anticipating regulatory issues, mitigating regulatory risk, and navigating the federal and state policy arenas. JSI’s policy team has strong connections with policymakers across the FCC, NTIA, RUS, Congress, state legislatures, governor's offices, state broadband offices, state public service commissions, and representatives from industry and associations, providing companies with valuable resources to successfully address their telecommunications and broadband challenges. JSI’s team also advises broadband providers on how to communicate with policymakers and build coalitions to forge a favorable regulatory environment for your business’ deployment and service goals.

JSI’s regulatory veterans and thought leaders provide a broad range of support:
• Written and oral advocacy before Federal (FCC, NTIA, RUS, and Congress) and state governmental agencies (public service/utility commissions, state broadband offices, and legislatures) to achieve specific business outcomes, shape policy, and mitigate risk. JSI will prepare petitions, pleadings, waiver requests, and rulemaking comments as well as facilitate ex parte meetings with policymakers
• License acquisitions and transfers
• Complaint and enforcement proceedings
• Strategic advice and guidance
• Coalition-building and thought leadership

For additional information about our regulatory services, please contact Jenn Holtz in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590, or simply click here to be connected with a senior member of our team.

JSI’s regulatory team assists companies in making the requisite federal and state filings that follow acquisitions and after a company has merged entities and operations that are commonly owned.

JSI can assist by:
• Drafting and filing applications and waivers, including Section 214 and study area waivers with FCC, as well as petitions for approval with the relevant state agency
• Drafting customer notices
• Advising on slamming and other FCC- and USAC-related matters
• Performing due diligence reviews
• Determining potential exposure due to non-compliance
• Providing post-transaction assistance and comprehensive “next steps” checklists

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JSI provides strategic advice and guidance on all Universal Service Fund (USF) and FCC subsidy programs. JSI also helps clients develop funding strategies and advises on the intricacies evident in applying for federal and state broadband funding.

JSI has extensive experience advising companies on applying for and complying with federal and state broadband programs:
• E-Rate
• Rural Health Care
• Lifeline
• High-Cost
• Affordable Connectivity Program
• Infrastructure and Investment Act programs
• American Rescue Plan Act
• ReConnect
• State programs, including state USF

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Businesses today cannot thrive without an upstanding, commercial website to support customer engagement. From a business perspective, it simply makes good sense for you to ensure your corporate website’s compliance with the applicable rules, laws, and regulations governing such matters. Further, as your business continues to grow, so does the importance of compliance. Your risk of fines and penalties can be effectively reduced, however, with the proper website compliance review. JSI is here to help simplify matters for you. We have the expertise to guide you the frequently complex regulatory landscape for the telecommunications industry.

Notably, JSI can advise your team on a range of important topics, including:
• Broadband disclosures
• Required disclosures and accessibility requirements for video services
• Location of rates and service terms online
• Requirements for equipment and merchandise
• Other compliance requirements
• Recommended better business practices

For additional information about our regulatory services, please contact Terri Parrilla in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590, or simply click here to be connected with a senior member of our team.

All companies should be prepared to protect against and respond to man-made and natural emergencies and disasters, including cyber-attacks.

JSI can provide you with a comprehensive range of essential advice and support services, including by:
• Advising your company on compliance with:
- The FCC's Network Outage Reporting System (NORS)
- The FCC's Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS)
- The required public safety awareness points (PSAP) notifications for 911 outages
- Annual 911 Reliability Certifications
- Network resiliancy
- Battery backup rules
• Preparing a customized Disaster Recovery / Emergency Operations Plan, as required by many states
• Preparing both a Cybersecurity Risk-Mitigation Plan and a Supply Chain Risk-Mitigation Plan, as required under NTIA's Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program and RUS's ReConnect 3 Program.

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