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Service Development

Let JSI’s market-leading team of consultants and advisors help you to plan the growth of your company’s service offerings and ensure your business’s success – today, tomorrow, and in the decades ahead.






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JSI has been a trusted advisor and preferred business partner to hundreds of independently owned communications providers for 60 years. Discover today how the complete range of service development solutions offered by our team of experts can help your company make the most of its opportunities to grow.

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With schools eager to expand their networks and competitors aggressively marketing E-Rate solutions, the time is ripe to develop a well-conceived strategy for delivering E-Rate services.

JSI can help you capture your local schools’ and libraries’ E-Rate dollars. Our experienced team has successfully assisted clients with E-Rate questions and planning since the program’s 1996 inception.

Among the E-Rate services we offer are:

  • Monitoring Form 470 requests on USAC’s website (our “E-Rate Connect Service”)
  • Customized telecommunications company training
  • E-Rate marketing plans
  • Identifying eligible and non-eligible services
  • Composing and negotiating service and maintenance contracts
  • USAC-required reporting
  • Developing quotes or bids for services
  • Calculation of educational discounts, taxes, fees, and surcharges
  • Tracking E-Rate funding commitments
  • Compliance guidelines and forms for gift giving
  • Educational service tariffs
  • Audit responses and record retention compliance

For additional information on this particular service, please contact Diana Zake at 512-614-3222 or Chresanthe Staurulakis at 301-459-7590, or simply clickhere to be connected with a senior member of our team.

The world’s telecommunications networks are rapidly moving from time division multiplexing (TDM) to Internet Protocol (IP) technologies.

Solutions for halting illegal robocalls are hastening that migration process. Unlike other technological transitions, however, this change faces numerous practical challenges, such as ensuring the viability of the technology itself and navigating a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

JSI can help ease this transition by providing you and your company with a comprehensive range of assistance and solutions, including:

  • Network architecture migration
  • Numbering and routing changes
  • Navigating arrangements to implement IP trunking
  • Complying with current tariffs and private agreements with new IP technologies
  • Discontinuing services that are no longer needed in the IP world
  • Leveraging the benefits of IP

For additional information on this particular service, please contact Valerie Wimer at 301-459-7590, or simply clickhere to be connected with a senior member of our team.

JSI offers an wide range of code-management resources to assist your company with the proper routing of traffic to your switch, to improve the essential billing of calls in your network, and to monitor the competition in your area.

Your company will benefit from our years of experience with these industry reporting requirements, allowing you to rest assured that your network details will be fully addressed and that your company is meeting all FCC number reporting obligations.

JSI’s essential numbering services include, among others:

  • Porting of numbers within the NPAC
  • Obtaining NPA-NXX codes and thousands-block assignments from NANPA and the pooling administrator
  • Providing pooled block contamination reports
  • Updating the BIRRDS database with routing and rating information for the LERG;
  • Providing comprehensive lists of all current numbering assignments by such criteria as Rate Center, LATA and NPA
  • Obtaining OCN, CLLI, IAC, RAO and other company identifying codes;
  • Managing CIC code administration and filings
  • Filing the FCC required Numbering Resource Utilization and Forecasts (NRUF) Form 502 and mandatory pooling forecasts
  • Updating NECA’s FCC Tariff 4 database for the management of billing percent and wire center records
  • Providing a monthly Numbering Activity Report (NAR) for monitoring all NXX/block activity in the entire NANP, searchable by a multitude of options, including rate center, LATA, OCN, and more

For additional information on this particular service, please contact Bridget Alexander White at 301-459-7590, simply click here to be connected with a senior member of our team.

Number portability is constantly evolving now that communications providers are moving toward all-IP networks. To help your company stay on top of these developments, JSI offers clients a range of number portability services that support companies’ day-to-day porting requirements.

Our “Service Order Administration” (SOA) service provides an efficient process for clients to port their telephone numbers in the NPAC. Clients are able to submit and monitor port requests and track the status of TN processing. Our porting plans are cost-effective to companies with all levels of porting. In addition to our number porting service, JSI can assist you with all of your company’s local number portability (LNP) activities, including:

  • Number portability training to broaden your staff’s understanding of porting requirements, as well as those of other providers operating within your service area
  • Number portability compliance with interconnection agreements and FCC rules
  • Project management of interconnection and number portability implementation with competitors
  • Documenting number portability procedures for competitors to follow when doing business with your company
  • Providing FCC rule-compliant port request and response forms
  • Assistance with port request validation and submissions
  • Ability for clients to directly query the NPAC for ported TN status on a 24/7 basis
  • Ability for clients to pull ported TN reports on full NXXs of 1K blocks

JSI is also a voting member of the North American Numbering Council (NANC), an FCC advisory council charged with making recommendations to the FCC that will shape the future of numbering and porting. JSI represents the views and interests of its clients regarding service impacting numbering and porting decisions.

Additionally, JSI offers the “Numbering & Porting Essentials” bundle to ensure clients are up-to-date on important number portability issues being discussed by industry working groups, changes to numbering and porting as the industry moves to an all-IP network, robocall relief education, and news on other numbering and porting initiatives within the industry. The bundle subscription includes one free annual numbering and porting-related webinar, six web-based numbering and porting informational sessions, and special publications immediately notifying subscribers of service-impacting numbering and porting industry activity.

JSI also offers the following robocall mitigation services:

  • Robocall relief education
  • Robocall mitigation plan certification
  • STIR/SHAKEN compliance

For additional information, please contact Karen Hoffman for assistance with numbering-related requests or Bridget Alexander White for CIC management by calling 301-459-7590, or simply click here to be connected with a senior member of our team.

JSI’s “Rural Health Care (RHC) Outreach” solutions package provides you with detailed information that you can use to help your local healthcare facilities familiarize themselves with the Healthcare Connect Fund.

Our RHC Outreach package explains how healthcare facilities can partner with providers to provide better medical care through affordable, federally subsidized broadband access.

he RHC outreach solutions package includes materials customized for your company and community:

  • Presentation materials, which allow you to conduct remote training sessions outlining the program details.
  • Talking points to help you field media inquiries, provide updates at business forums, and educate staff about the program.
  • A handout designed to provide interested parties with a concise summary of important program benefits, information, and dates.

For additional information on this particular service, simply clickhere to be connected with a senior member of our team.

All communications providers – ILECs, CLECs, cable TV, wireless, and VoIP providers – strive to provide services at a value that beats the competition while still generating a profit. End user pricing is now exceptionally competitive, so prices can quickly become the deciding factor in determining the ultimate market share and profitability of a company.

JSI can help by providing your company with a competitive assessment by comparing your rates to the competitor rates using all rate elements that apply and analyzing your company’s costs to best structure the services offered to customers. Pricing services can be performed for a single service or for multiple services with à la carte and bundled rates.

Among other things, JSI’s team of experts can perform:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Service cost analysis
  • Compare product features
  • Recommend both service and price adjustments
  • Margin analysis
  • Call analysis
  • Toll, local, and EAS studies

For additional information on this particular service, simply clickhere to be connected with a senior member of our team.