Numbering and Porting Essentials (NPE) Service 2024

Numbering and Porting Essentials (NPE) Service

Comprehensive Resources to Help You Succeed in 2024

For a flat subscription fee of $799 per year, your company will receive a series of six web-based educational sessions that have been custom-designed to help you successfully prepare for the critical numbering, porting, and robocall-mitigation deadlines that lie ahead in 2024. Specifically, in those six sessions, our team will cover a comprehensive range of topics, including:

  • Safe Connections Act of 2022: In November, the FCC began implementing key provisions in the Safe Connections Act of 2022 to support survivors of domestic abuse and other related crimes. Learn your company’s porting and call log privacy responsibilities.
  • 988 Outage Reporting: To make sure the public is notified of outages impacting 988 services and how they can access the 988 Lifeline and Veterans Crisis Line despite the outage, carriers will be required to report 988 Outages to the FCC and to specific 988 Special facilities – learn how your team must report outages.
  • Port Fraud: Port-out fraud scams have become more prevalent in the wireless industry, rules to alleviate port fraud occurrences will require new port procedures. We’ll explain the new rules that will impact wireless carriers, including resellers, as well as carriers porting with those wireless entities. 
  • Number Portability Refresher:  The popular Number Portability Refresher session will review not only the current number portability rules but also provide the location of the rules in the applicable FCC Orders.
  • Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD) Certification Updates: 24-hour response to traceback requests will be required by service providers as well as updates to the RMP – we’ll revisit the response requirements, timeframes, and compliance dates.
  • BONUS: A review of pending numbering, porting, and robocall mitigation NPRMs that will progress into 2025.

To learn more about our NPE service today or to sign up for your own annual subscription, please contact Bridget Alexander White by clicking the button or submitting the form below. 

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