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Let JSI’s Team of Experts Perform a Free Cost Study Review for You.

Connect with a senior member of the JSI team today to determine if there were inaccuracies, valuable USF funds, or other settlement dollars left behind in your 2021 toll cost study.

Let us highlight those issues for you for free to help your company start off its 2022 study right.

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When it comes to preparing cost separations studies, JSI continually sets itself apart from the competition in the ways that matter most to our clients:

  • Unrivaled Experience. JSI has been successfully performing cost separations studies for clients since 1962, which means that our industry experts now collectively have more than 1,000 years of study-preparation experience to bring to the table for our clients’ benefit.

  • Diverse Clientele. Our team’s extensive experience includes working with companies of all sizes — as small as 20 access lines and as large as 125,000.

  • Industry Leadership. Year after year, our team of experts produces more cost separations studies than any other consulting firm in the United States, and we continue to be the largest provider of cost study data to the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA).

  • Complimentary Review. If you are concerned that your 2021 toll study was inaccurate or that there were valuable USF funds or other settlement dollars left behind, our team would be happy to review that study, completely free of charge, and highlight any issues in advance of your 2022 study.