JSI 2024 Virtual Bootcamp

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Over the past year, an unprecedented number of highly motivated individuals have assumed key roles with telecom and broadband providers, many with less background and experience in the industry than those they are replacing. To help equip these newcomers and provide comprehensive training that also benefits industry veterans, JSI will be offering a “bootcamp” training program that will cover the essential aspects of providing voice and broadband services and how these essentials affect those that provide these services.   


Our bootcamp training will be held twice during the year, each session lasting nine hours over three days, and covering the same material to allow for more flexibility in scheduling time for your staff to attend. The training will be led by seasoned JSI experts and held virtually for a fee of $2,950 per company per session with no limit to the number of staff that can attend from each company. Sessions will be recorded and accessible to all companies that attend. Companies unable to attend can access the recording for the same fees listed above.   

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April 9-11 – 1:00 PM – 4:00 ET each day


Key Topics

  • Beginnings to Broadband
  • Evolving Technology
  • Regulatory Structure
  • Telecom Economics
  • Revenues, Grants, and Universal Service
  • Accounting Primer
  • Regulatory Reporting and Policy Primer

Agenda Topics


Day 1

Module 1: Beginnings to Broadband

  • An overview of Telecommunications history as it relates to current broadband policies and topics such as Universal Service, Jurisdictional Separations, Telecommunications and Information Services, and Basic Internet Consumer Freedoms.

Module 2: Evolving Technology

  • A high-level overview of basic network design concepts focusing on outside plant deployment.


Day 2

Module 3: Regulatory Structure

  • An explanation of how voice, broadband, mobile wireless, and cable/video services and the entities that provide those services are regulated.

Module 4: Telecom Economics

  • An introduction of the foundational principles used in describing and regulating telecommunication carriers.


Day 3

Module 5: Revenues, Grants, and Universal Service

  • Addresses basic concepts of current universal service policies and forecasts possible Federal Communication Commission (FCC) options and their likelihood.

Module 6: Regulatory Reporting and Policy Primer

  • An explanation of the major Federal reporting requirements for voice and broadband providers and how providers can influence policy decisions through advocacy efforts.

Module 7: Accounting Primer

  • An introduction of the foundations for telephone accounting for managers and regulators.

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To learn more about our bootcamp, please contact Hailey Wolff (Hailey.Wolff@jsitel.com).