Grants Compliance? Problem Solved.

Misuse of grant funds, non-compliance with award agreements, clawback of funds, failing to achieve award objectives, misrepresentation of grant results, violating laws or grant conditions, loss of future funding, and reputational damage are serious risks associated with mismanaged grants.

Our suite of post-award services help you mitigate risk and successfully keep your projects on track. With packages ranging from the Post-Award Toolkit for essential compliance guidance to PostAwardNow Premium for extensive hands-on support, we help ensure that your grant-funded projects meet all requirements and stay compliant, safeguarding your reputation and future funding opportunities.

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Grant Compliance Services

Congratulations on Securing Your Broadband Funding Award

Securing federal and state broadband funding is a monumental step forward in your mission to connect rural communities. This success, however, comes with complex compliance strings attached—strings that, if not navigated meticulously, could unravel your hard-won funding and jeopardize future opportunities.


The Compliance Challenge: More Than Just Red Tape

In the intricate web of federal and state regulations, every detail matters. With laws and requirements constantly evolving—seen in recent updates to 2 CFR 200 and the Davis-Bacon Act—the potential for costly non-compliance is high. For small telecom providers, where seasoned staff are nearing retirement and resources are stretched thin, focusing on broadband expansion is your priority. The daunting task of compliance monitoring can divert your attention from where it’s needed most.


Why Risk Your Funding and Future?

Non-compliance doesn’t just risk immediate funding; it threatens your credibility and ability to secure future funding. In an era where every dollar towards rural broadband counts, can you afford to leave compliance to chance?


Our Compliance Services: Your Assurance Against Risk

We specialize in transforming the complex maze of grant compliance into a clear path forward, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best—expanding rural broadband access. Our services are not just support; they’re your safeguard.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

No More Missed Reporting Deadlines.

Designed with rural telecom providers in mind, this automated tracking solution helps you keep current and stay on track with current award requirements

  • Access to our Post-Award Interactive Hub to help you timely manage required reporting


Post-Award Compliance Toolkit:
Stay Current, Stay Compliant.

Designed with rural telecom providers in mind, this do-it-yourself toolkit keeps you on track with current award requirements, offering:

  • A comprehensive Compliance Management Guide
  • Award-specific appendices with targeted guidance
  • Access to our Post-Award Interactive Hub to help you timely manage required reporting


PostAwardNow Essential:
Compliance Problems, Solved.

Beyond the basics, this package offers:

  • Post-Award Compliance Toolkit
  • JSI-managed Post-Award Interactive Hub for on-time required reporting
  • Limited Hands-on support (e.g., respond to awarding agency requests, advice on prevailing wage requirements, Buy America, allowable costs, waivers, etc…)


PostAwardNow Premium:
The Ultimate Compliance Safety Net. We make compliance happen.

For those seeking the utmost in assurance and expertise, this premium package encompasses:

  • A Dedicated Compliance Dream Team to support your ongoing post-award needs
  • Full benefits of the Essential package
  • Proactive coordination with awarding agencies
  • Expert handling of all reporting requirements
  • Extensive Hands-on support, beyond that offered in Essential
  • Development of internal policies tailored to ensure ongoing compliance and success

With our expert team by your side, let us do the heavy lifting of keeping compliant with a myriad of complex regulations, allowing you to focus your energies on bridging the digital divide. Choose the service package that best fits your needs and step into a future where compliance is not a burden, but a bridge to achieving your broadband expansion goals.


To schedule a meeting about your post-award compliance needs,
please contact Barbara Greger, Sr. Director –Post Award Compliance,, (860) 302-0980.