Introducing JSI’s New Post-Award Suite of Solutions:

With PostAwardNow℠ and Our Related Award-Compliance Services, Your Business Can Ensure That It Has the Support It Needs to Succeed — from the Day You Receive Your Award Documents Through Close-Out.

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JSI’s New Suite of Post-Award Solutions,
Featuring PostAwardNow

Congratulations on securing your broadband grant award. JSI is excited that you will be bringing new or upgraded services to your community, but along with your award comes a wide range of post-award compliance requirements.

From ensuring strong internal controls to producing annual audits and regular reporting, JSI is here to help you from the day you receive your award documents through the close-out of the award.

To help ensure your success throughout your post-award performance period, we now offer three post-award packages to fit the needs of your business.


Post-Award Toolkit

Let our post-award team review your award documents and provide you with a post-award toolkit customized to your business. This toolkit offers an award-specific checklist, a compliance-management guide, and access to a series of four trainings on topics such as bonding and Buy America.

This is a one-time service per award and does not include PostAwardNow℠.

PostAwardNow℠ Service*

This multi-year service includes everything in the Post-Award Toolkit package except for the award-specific checklist. Instead, PostAwardNow℠ includes access to JSI’s interactive hub for monitoring your reporting deadlines.

JSI will also review documents for your required reports, provide consultation regarding your invoices for allowability, answer post-award questions, and provide advice on responding to awarding agency inquiries.

This multi-year service covers the complete performance period.


PostAwardNow℠ Premium Service*

This fully managed service lets you focus on what you do best: Bringing broadband to America.

Our post-award team will keep you on track with all of the award requirements and advise on any issues that arise throughout the performance period.

This service also includes the award-specific checklist, our compliance-management guide, our training series, and the JSI-managed PostAwardNow℠ service.

Under this multi-year solution, our post-award team partners with your team throughout the lifecycle of the award.


* Pricing for these offerings will be developed in accordance with your company’s specific post-award needs.


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