Reminder: Annual Review of NENA ID Information

JSI Recommends That Its Clients Annually Review Their NENA ID Information

Have you checked your NENA ID profile lately? Is your ID still active? Are you wondering, “What is a NENA ID?”

What Is a NENA ID?

The National Emergency Number Association Identifier, commonly referred to as the NENA ID, is a unique three- to five-character code that helps 911 centers identify the service provider responsible for telephone numbers.

Why Is It Important?

The NENA ID is applied to telephone number records in the 911 database to help ensure that accurate caller location information can be provided to 911 centers and first responders when 911 is called. The ID also identifies the company responsible for the telephone number record in the 911 database.

What Is My Company’s Responsibility?

All service providers assigned a NENA ID are required to ensure the company’s contact information is current and accurate in the NENA database. In addition, the annual NENA ID invoices must be paid or the ID may be placed into inactive or canceled status.

What Happens If the NENA ID Is Flagged as Cancelled or Inactive?

The NENA Company ID status will be updated in the database indicating that the information has not been verified and is not confirmed to be accurate for 911 location identification services. A record remains in the database so that the ID is not reassigned, but eventually the associated information is subject to removal.

What Should I Do?

It is recommended that your company annually review and verify that the ID is still active and that all NENA ID data on file is accurate.

Let JSI Help.

JSI can provide you with your company’s current NENA ID data for your review, submit the necessary updates to the NENA ID administrator, notify your company once the updates are complete, keep records of the ID and any updates, as well as help you to bring canceled or inactive codes back to active status.

If you have any questions about this matter or need assistance with the annual NENA ID review, please contact Lisa Cover by clicking the button below or by calling 301-459-7590.