Cable Earth Station License Certifications Due May 28

Cable TV operators with receive-only satellite earth stations registered with the FCC for video programming must certify to the accuracy of the information on record for that license with the International Bureau by May 28.  This certification is one more step in the FCC’s inquiry into whether the 3.7-4.2 GHz Band, also known as the C-Band, can be shared to support mobile broadband, including 5G.

To ensure the FCC has good data on the current landscape of C-Band operations, the FCC April 11 Public Notice directs earth station operators registered with the International Bureau to provide a signed statement to certify that all information in the registration is accurate.

Note, if you filed for a receive-only earth station license during the April 19-October 31, 2018, filing window, which allowed unlicensed operators to voluntarily register without a frequency coordination report, your company is exempt from this certification requirement. But all registered operators, including those exempt from the certification, must update their information if there has been a change in contact information or operational parameters.

Certifications for each call sign must be submitted electronically at, using the “Pleadings and Comments” link.  If you need assistance with filing your certification, contact Kim Waldvogel in the JSI Maryland office at 301-459-7590.