Challenge Process Announced for Frontier’s Proposed CAF Phase I Census Blocks

Challenges due Oct. 24

Last month, Frontier Communications Corp. notified the FCC that it intends to serve locations in 3,146 census blocks with Connect America Fund Phase I incremental support. These census blocks were not previously identified in Frontier’s support areas. As such, the FCC is initiating a challenge process where other providers have 45 days to indicate that they already provide Internet service at speeds of 3 Mbps downstream, 768 kbps upstream or higher in these census blocks. The FCC provided a list of census blocks that other providers can review.

JSI encourages every client who provides service as an unsubsidized competitor in a Frontier area to review the list and consider filing a challenge if the criteria is met. JSI can assist with mapping the proposed Frontier blocks and drafting and filing the challenge. Challenges are due October 24, 2016, and should be submitted to both the FCC and Frontier.

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