Changes Coming to USAC Program Web Portal Access Dec. 4

Service providers will see increased security steps and a single portal for most USF programs when signing into the Universal Service Administrative Company’s (USAC’s) website beginning December 4, 2019.

USAC is moving to a single online portal to access USF accounts for E-file, Lifeline, Rural Health Care, High Cost programs and E-rate. The E-rate forms, FCC Form 472 BEAR search, FCC Form 473, and FCC Form 474 will be available in the portal under one login. USAC also will add multifactor authentication (MFA) to the login process to tighten the site’s security. Next year in the spring, USAC will add the MFA process to the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC).

To prepare for this change, all USAC portal users should verify that the emails and passwords on all their current USF accounts are up to date and that each user has a unique login for each system which they access on USAC’s website. If your current login information is already up to date you are not required to do anything at this time. USAC will send your MFA login instructions on December 4, 2019.

If you would like assistance with this issue from one of JSI’s Lifeline team members, please contact Lans Chase in JSI’s Georgia office at 770-569-2105 or Lisa McLaughlin in JSI’s Texas office at 512-338-0473.