New JSI Service Addresses Your Copyright Infringement Headaches

Let JSI Manage All of Those Threatening Copyright Infringement Notices

Like it or not, some of your broadband customers are using your network to steal copyrighted materials. And your company can be held responsible for their theft of music, movies, books, images, television shows, and other intellectual property. Copyright owners are aggressively fighting back by flooding ISPs like yours with letters threatening lawsuits or forced settlements. Ignore these notices at your own risk. You need to conduct enforcement against customers who are repeat infringers or risk further legal action because of your subscribers’ misdeeds.

If you find yourself being inundated with threatening infringement notices, we can help. JSI has launched a new subscription service to act as your company’s Designated Agent and assist in enforcing your ISP’s copyright policy. Once you name JSI as your company’s Designated Agent with the U.S. Copyright office, we will:

  • Manage all notices of copyright infringement we receive on your company’s behalf;
  • Conduct enforcement of your ISP’s copyright policy by notifying the subscribers in question directly about the violations and the penalties they face if they continue to unlawfully download copyrighted materials; and finally,
  • Alert you of repeat offenders whose service should be suspended based on your company’s policies.

To learn more about JSI’s new DMCA Designated Agent service and the best plan to fit your company’s needs, please contact Terri Parrilla in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590.