Do Not Forget to Update Your Number Portability Procedures

Number portability has lost its headliner status recently to robocall prevention, but it cannot be forgotten entirely. New FCC-authorized iVoIPs and competitors are entering rural LEC territories and your company will likely have to port with them. It is important to maintain Number Portability Procedures (NPPs) to ensure that the necessary information is being exchanged by providers to successfully complete port requests. These NPPs also remind porting partners of the FCC port rules, as well as define your business’s port procedures.

The standard information exchanged includes, but is not limited to, your company’s dedicated number portability email address for order submission, your hours of operation, LSR validation fields, and port contacts. However, more information often is needed for successful porting. It is important to review your port procedures regularly to make sure the document accommodates the following:

  • Contact changes due to recent retirements, departures, or promotions
  • Staff changes/new personnel
  • New port request processes
  • Permanently disconnected telephone number requirements
  • Robocall mitigation procedures
  • New interconnection agreements with CLECs/WSPs
  • New iVoIPs in your service area

If any of the above changes are applicable to your company, it’s time to revise your Number Portability Procedures. JSI has created NPPs in compliance with FCC port rules and NANC standards beneficial to rural LECs. In addition, your company should confirm that your port partners have your updated number portability procedures business rules and that you have the current NPPs for your port partners.

For assistance updating or creating a set of procedures for your company or with exchanging NPPs with your port partners, contact Lisa Cover by clicking the button below.

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