E911 Indoor Location Accuracy Certifications Due on June 2 for All CMRS Providers

JSI reminds clients that are Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) providers that they must certify with the FCC by June 2 that they can provide, as of April 3, 2017, dispatchable locations or x/y locations (latitude and longitude) within 50 meters for 40% of all wireless 911 calls. The FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau provided guidance in its March 30 Public Notice on filing the certifications of compliance with E911 location accuracy benchmarks as required by Section 20.18(i)(2)(iii) of the Commission’s rules.

The certification must be signed by an officer or director of the CMRS provider who is familiar with and has responsibility for the provider’s indoor location accuracy compliance. Providers may file their certifications using the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS), https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/. All certifications must reference PS Docket No. 17-78.

Any company that is unable to meet this initial two-year benchmark should request a waiver of the relevant rule on or before the June 2 certification deadline. Waiver requests should reference PS Docket No. 07-114.

If you have any questions or issues with compliance with this certification, please contact one of our experts by clicking the button below.

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