FCC Announces Modifications to the Alternative Connect America Cost Model

The FCC’s A-CAM Modifications Public Notice released on July 29 states that it will be taking several actions in the near future to modify the A-CAM, including incorporating the most recent study area boundary modifications and the Form 477 data. The Form 477 data that will eventually be incorporated into the model is the data which was submitted in March 2015 containing data as of December 31, 2014.

The FCC also is working to adjust the middle-mile cost calculation to reflect connections to publicly available internet access points, and working on a code change to enable users to specify study area specific plant mix input values. The FCC is seeking corrections to the plant mix input values for individual study areas by August 28, 2015. Corrections should be submitted through the A-CAM support desk, filed on the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System, and submitted to CostQuest. Clients for whom JSI performs NECA Cost Studies will be reaching out to you shortly with some suggested replacements based on recent Accounting and Cost study data.

For additional information about the A-CAM modifications, please contact Brian Sullivan in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590.

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