FCC Approves Telcordia as Next LNP Admin; Authorizes Contract Negotiations to Begin

Includes provision for small providers in NPAC contract negotiations, transition  

During its March 26 Open Meeting, the FCC adopted an Order authorizing the North American Portability Management, LLC (NAPM) to negotiate a contract with Telcordia to serve as the new local number portability administrator (LNPA) of the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC). This decision sets in motion the steps needed to transfer the administration of the seven U.S. NPAC regions from Neustar to Telcordia.

The Order addresses the primary industry concerns regarding the NPAC transition:

Contract Oversight: The FCC will oversee the contract terms and overall transition.

Transition Process: The NAPM was charged with ensuring transition oversight by experienced third parties familiar with communications infrastructure, project management, and change management.

Transition Dates: A detailed transition oversight plan must be provided to the Commission within 30 days of the release of the Order (April 27, 2015). In addition, status reports are due every 30 days during the transition.

Transition Oversight Plan: The plan must include timelines, dispute resolution, testing, outreach and education (with emphasis on smaller providers), and steps to ensure security and reliability.

Neutrality: Ericsson must transfer all of its voting stock in Telcordia into a voting trust. The goal is to mitigate neutrality concerns raised by the incumbent and supported by some industry stakeholders.

National Security: The FCC will coordinate with law enforcement agencies to ensure that any final contract includes provisions to protect national security.

Cost: Telcordia bid less than $1 billion for a seven-year term-that’s less than $143 million per year.

Once the transition process begins, JSI will reach out to Telcordia in reference to the overall transition and volunteer to work with the vendor to construct a transition plan in support of JSI clients.

Timely transition information, detailed status updates and established timelines will be provided via The LNP Standard newsletter. More information on “The LNP Essential Bundle,” which includes the monthly newsletter, can be found on our website.

Feel free to call or email Bridget Alexander at 301-459-7590 should you have questions regarding the local number portability administrator transition.

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